who we are

 Look To The Sky Films was founded in 2012 as a boutique film production company. Though the projects vary in subject matter and genre, the underlying mandate is to evoke powerful emotions from our audience and ourselves. We believe this focus will bring the long-term success that eludes many other companies who chase profitability over integrity.

why Vancouver?

Vancouver (a.k.a. Hollywood North) is unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As a city it has flourished in the film industry through its beneficial tax credit structure and boasts some of the biggest studios in Canada. It is a city known for its high-quality diversified locations that can be shot to resemble a far away corner in NYC, a run down alley in Beijing, or the snowy slope of the swiss alps. Set to a back-drop of beautiful mountains Vancouver is sure to take anyones breath away… just be sure to pack your umbrella when you come visit.  As the man in our logo suggests… its good to be prepared because Vancouver has been known to rain from time to time.

the LTTS team

Sefton Fincham

Principal / Managing Partner

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Sefton is a Producer and Entrepreneur who founded Look to the Sky Films in 2012 in order to leverage his vast Hollywood contacts to develop and produce feature films. His greatest strength lies in his ability to bring together the disparate elements of a film while working closely with talent, producers, agents, and financiers. In Sefton’s early career he worked with several different producers, including Randall Emmett (of Emmett/Furla Films) where he helped to develop, produce, finance and package several feature films between 2008 and present. With over a dozen films to date, Sefton knows the production process inside out.

Justin Jacobson

Business Affairs

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While relatively new to film Justin brings a wealth of unique knowledge and experience in the fields of marketing, project package design, systems technology, and business development. With a strong focus on collaborative organizational development, Justin spends most of his time ensuring a proper balance is struck between day to day operations, internal growth momentum, and external business expansion opportunities for LTTS. Previously, Justin has been involved in numerous investment initiatives with a diversified sector background including land development, hospitality services, and product patents.