what we do

We do a lot of things actually but in its simplest form,

we make movies.



script development

At Look To The Sky Films we work with writers and filmmakers of all levels to develop compelling stories at various stages. Focusing on the right collaborations for each project we believe in spending time and energy in early stages of development of the filmmaking process because that is where a story comes together and has the best opportunity to evolve from an abstract concept into a multi-layered narrative.

film financing

Look To The Sky Films was established as a readily accessible friendly incubator for filmmaking. We have an established team of producers and consultants who focus solely on quality films with commercial appeal. There is always another movie around the corner so if you would like to participate as an investor let us know and we will connect to discuss the current projects that are available for financing investment.

film production

Be it a small independent film or a large co-production partnership Look To The Sky Films is committed to producing quality projects. Whether it’s working with writers and directors to actualize their vision,  or working with casting directors to attach the right cast to each film, or creating unique and innovative ways to shoot specific locations, we measure our success on-screen by our attention to detail off-screen.


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